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Proud*cc is a self-taught visual designer specializing in branding with 5+ years of experience with Adobe Creative Suite. 


She has 2+ years experience of professional creative work, from blending skills in strategy, digital marketing, graphic design, art direction to implementing design systems across multiple platforms. She believes that all experiences crafted should be Human, Simple and Authentic.

With a background in architecture, she is a team player who has developed thick skin for receiving feedback and a keen eye for detail.



She's currently open for projects with mission-driven businesses to help uplift under represented narratives. → Feel free to shoot me an email.

If you want mail: ogawameria@gmail.com

If you want to hear my voice: +1 424 675 1227

If you want to be influenced: @meriaogawa 

If you want to see me irl: I’ll be at Jeni’s Ice Cream 


My personal story and how I became a designer

I am passionate about giving back to underserved youth because of my childhood adversities. I understand what it's like to have nobody standing up for you, which is why I choose to be a voice for those who aren't represented. My past obstacles sparked my design career. I started a non-profit for foster youth during my junior year at UCLA because of my early background in foster care. I fell in love with designing for my non-profit because problem solving requires principles of empathy and inclusivity — both of which I lacked growing up. I saw design as my opportunity to fill those gaps I grew up with and inspire brighter futures for people. This why I pursued a design career, and the rest is history.


My personal story and how I became a designer

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